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There is no place like home!

Thrive physically and mentally with easier access to healthcare. No waitlist and on-demand care. Start reaching your health potential today.

Skilled Nursing Care

From physical therapy to vaccinations, our licensed Home Care Aides and Nurses can help you reach your health potential from the comfort of home. We also offer transportation services to get you to and from your appointments.

Personal Care

Look good, feel good is the motto. We believe in the importance of maintaining a relationship with oneself in order to promote positive health outcomes. From hygiene to grooming, our Home Care Aides can help.  

Home Cleaning

No mess, no stress! Simplify your home cleaning with our Home Care Aides and receive peace of mind with all natural cleaning products. From laundry to dishes, we can ease your cleaning hassles.


Our Home Care Aides are matched with you based on similar personalities and interests.

Meal Preparation

Customized weekly dietary plans that fulfill you, not just your belly! We believe home-cooked food is the best kind of food. Our Home Care Aides are eager to learn your favourite recipes.


We believe that well-being is just as important as physical health. From leisure activities to self-care, our occupational therapy trained nurses can give you the skills and confidence to return to your favourite activities.

Register for Home Care

Please click the button below to fill out a secure inquiry form. A phone consultation will be scheduled to discuss how we can help you. Nurse On Wheels Inc. is proudly partnered with Alberta Blue Cross. Show us your card and our office will handle online claims.

If you're not ready to commit just yet, we encourage you to explore our blog to learn more about us!

Home Nurse Making Bed

Nurse On Wheels Inc. Client

“One of my biggest fears as an adult of older parents is that your parents won't get along with the nurse (and you don't want to make their situation worse). We were so happy that Nurse On Wheels pairs you with the most compatible and compassionate home care nurse. They share the same interest and each other's company overall."
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