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Mental Well-Being In Seniors

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 80% of older Canadians report poor psychological health such as depression and anxiety. These conditions are often overlooked and can contribute to deteriorated physical health and prolonged recovery. Thus, mental well-being becomes more important as we age. Mental well-being is about independence, belonging, life satisfaction, self-esteem, and support. Maintaining healthy and enjoyable habits that factor into mental well-being can increase your loved one's quality of life. From leisure activities to personal care, our Home Care Aides can give you the skills and confidence to return to your favourite activities.

Nurse On Wheels Inc. (NOW) customizes wellness activity plans in order to achieve 3 life aspects: social, physical, and emotional. This includes, but not limited to, maintaining relationships, trying a new hobby, or participating in activity classes. Whether if your loved one is transitioning to a new lifestyle due to recovery or illness, we are here to help.

Nurse On Wheels Inc. is proudly partnered with Alberta Blue Cross to help you reach your health potential from the comfort of home.


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