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Video Consultation

Equitable Access To Healthcare

Our mission is to create easier access to healthcare by connecting medical professionals with their patients outside of the office. We recognize that each personal has different circumstances and we strive to allocate resources needed to reach an equal outcome. Virtual appointments help reduce major barriers individuals may face, such as transportation, living with disabilities, less mobile, etc. Our partnered doctors at the Chapelle Square Medical Center conduct virtual consultations as a convenient way to discuss health concerns from the comfort of home.

We bring healthcare solutions to you

From general check-ups to medication delivery, our licensed nurses can help you reach your health potential from the comfort of home. To inquire about our mobile health services, please call the Chapelle Square Medical Center at 587-414-6608. Nurse On Wheels Inc. also offers transportation services to get you to and from your appointments.


Nurse On Wheels Inc. is proudly partnered with Alberta Blue Cross. Show us your card and our office will handle online claims.

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