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About Nurse On Wheels Inc.


Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, our mission is to create easier access to healthcare by connecting medical professionals with their patients outside of the office. The restricted access to healthcare and limited in-person medical visits created a difficult adjustment away from normalcy. On top of that, the pandemic shed a light on a system that was not equitable. Nurse On Wheels Inc. recognizes that each person has different circumstances and strives to allocate resources needed to reach an equal outcome. Our home care and mobile health services allow you to reach your health potential in the comfort of your own home. From general check-ups to physical therapy, we will bring the healthcare solutions to you.

Nurse On Wheels Inc. is Edmonton's leading provider in home care and mobile health services by Alberta Blue Cross. 

Meet the Team


CEO of Nurse On Wheels Inc. & NOWI Aesthetics, Body Contour Specialist Trainer, LPN

Tiffany Thompson


CEO of R.E.A.C.H Therapy & Consultation, MSW

Bunkola Ojelade


IV Therapy Specialist, LPN

Kayla Neider


Training Director

Jasmine Forte


Aesthetic Assessments, Cosmetic Injector, MN, NP

Harriet Halse


Foot Care Nurse Specialist

Zandra Johnston


Massage Therapist, RMT

Anthony Hilton


Body Contour Specialist

Natasha Gardner


Cosmetic Injector, RPN

Jessica White


Injector Therapy Specialist, RN

Marianne Ursulum


CPR/BLS Instructor of Nurse On Wheels Inc., PCP

Laryssa Mackenzie

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